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(English) Holistic healing therapies, Asian massages, ancient hammam rituals


(English) An oriental-inspired skin care ceremony that combines light, heat, warm aromatic steam, massage therapy and the application of mineral-rich mud in one of our enclosed environment. The therapy is designed for everyone who needs a sense of deep renewal and purification, thereby re-mineralizing the body, bestowing tone and compactness to the tissues.
Experience will start with steam in preparation to full body exfoliation to polish your skin followed a deeply penetrating warm mud mask and cocooned to allow to draw out impurities and revitalize. An indulgent massage on a top of warm hammam bed strengthens the relaxing sensation, helping to relieve from constant fatigue, physical and mental exhaustion.

90 min.
For one person - 90€
For two – 140€


(English) A unique and powerful massage therapy, which combines acupressure, gentle stretching and applied passive yoga. The Thai massage is more rigorous and energizing than most massages. It reduces stress, improves blood circulation, enhances energy and flexibility and yet centralizes body and mind.

60 min. – 55€
90 min. – 80€


(English) One of the traditional Indonesian therapies a Balinese massage is perfect for soothing damaged tissue and relieving strained muscles and joints. Since this type of massage works the deep tissues of the body and boosts circulation, joining acupressure and reflexology, it will be a highly effective treatment for sports injuries. This also aims to aid in certain ailments like migraines, muscle pains, joint pains, sleep disorders, anxiety, stress, depression as well as allergies and breathing conditions like asthma.

60 min. – 55€
90 min. – 80€


(English) Based on the holistic principles, this treatment provides a deeply soothing experience. Warm aromatic oils are drizzled on the body and massaged into the skin with steamed herbal bags, made of a blend of many different medicinal herbs and spices, each with their own unique properties The firm soothing-strokes technique helps to calm nerves and redirects vital energy, eases the aching muscles and joints, builds up the body tissues and improves overall well-being. To make this treatment complete, you will finish off with soft lymphatic drainage to detoxify, balance energies and enhance your relaxation.

60 min. – 65€
90 min. – 95€


(English) This treatment combines deep cleansing exfoliation and a back massage with a truly holistic facial prescribed to suit your skin’s specific condition and needs. An Oriental head massage helps clear the mind, calm the spirit and ease tensions.
This treatment can also be performed with our Hot Stone Therapy (120 minutes).

60 min. – 55€
90 min. – 80€
120 min. – 105€


(English) Exceptional sensory experience of zero gravity for deep relaxation and rapid recovery from physical and mental stress.
Floating in the stylish tank filled with Epsom Salt water at 35C will relax all your senses, balance your body and heal internally. The main benefits of therapy are
- Detoxification of body
- Soothing joint and muscular pain
- Decreasing depression, anxiety, fears and addiction
- Deep rest (1h of flotation equivalent to 4 to 6 hours of deep sleep) that reduces exhaustion and jet lag
- Efficient recovery, ideal after rigorous physical activities
- Stimulating creativity, imagination and motivation.

60 min. – 55€


(English) Reflexology is a therapeutic pressure point foot massage which involves gentle stimulation of acupressure points in the feet that have direct connections to various organs and glands. Energizing these points has a releasing effect on the body which also helps to cleanse the lymphatic system. It is an amazing treatment which can be used for the correction & prevention of ill health. Your experience will start with renewal foot scrub to smooth and increase skin elasticity.

40 min. – 40€


(English) Various reflex points around our hands correlate to different body parts and organs. Applying a massage technique that puts pressure to stimulating these points will aid to relieve stress, tension and imbalances of the body. A pure holistic and effective therapy is recommended to eradicate various health issues. Indulgent hands exfoliation for immediate and progressive skin renewal will be an overture to your healing and pampering experience.

40 min. – 40€

„Vilnius Grand Resort“ – laisvalaikio, poilsio, pramogų ir renginių kompleksas, džiuginantis svečius išskirtine aptarnavimo kultūra bei unikaliu paslaugų deriniu. Modernus kurortas, ežerų, beržynų ir vingiuojančių kalvų apsuptyje harmoningai įsiliejęs į gamtovaizdį, vos 20 min kelio nuo Vilniaus miesto centro, kviečia atrasti gamtą, skanų maistą bei tikrą atpalaiduojantį poilsį.
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