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Personal workouts

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Awakening Yoga - This class begins with simple flowing sequences to warm up the body, followed by gentle yoga poses modified to individual's needs. Mindfulness techniques are woven in to create mind/body awareness and reduce stress. Each class ends with an extended period of relaxation and /or guided meditation.

Sun-Salutation - Sun Salutation is a variation of the traditional 12-posture sequence of flowing movements that offers an entire body stretch, counterbalancing the bending of the spine, and opening the heart, shoulders, and chest. This class followed by some yogic stretching and relaxation.

Peace of mind - This class is designed for those who need to deeply relax and restore both body and mind. Laying down in a comfortable position (mat, bed, or couch), participants will be guided through s a series of meditations and visualizations. Meditation and breathing techniques aim at release + letting go.

Price for one session - 40€/person
Groups from 2 up to 6 people - 60€ per group.


Core workout - This class is designed to build core muscle groups while improving posture through performing a variety of exercises that strengthen the abdomen and back muscles. The instructor may include a variety of equipment in this great workout. Enjoy a quick class focused on strengthening the core.

Lower body - Lower Body fat blasting class to tone legs and glutes. While engaging the entire body at once, you'll learn the basic movements of Kettlebell exercises. These exercises build strength, cardiovascular endurance, and increase grip strength.

Price for one session - 40€/person
Groups from 2 up to 6 people - 60€ per group.



Our gym has the most innovative equipment. Here you will find everything you need for your workout.


A unique complex of 12 exercise machines that reveals the weak parts of your body and develops individual training programs based on the information gathered by the artificial intelligence during the test training.

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