Take care of your body and regain your strength in Yoga classes!

Group classes are designed for people of various fitness levels. During the lessons, the specialist recommends different exercise modifications based on your fitness level and wishes. Group classes are held in a specially adapted room in the spa center, and sometimes the classes are held outside

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Hotel guests can take part in Sun Salutation classes for free.

Sun Salutation - Sun Salutation is a variation of the traditional 12-posture sequence of flowing movements that offers an entire body stretch, counterbalancing the bending of the spine, and opening the heart, shoulders, and chest. This class followed by some yogic stretching and relaxation.

Basic Pranayama (Yogic Breathing) - A combination of gentle to moderate flow with restorative postures intended to take you from your busy day into a quiet, calm space in the evening. Expect mindful movement of breath paired with specific yoga postures.

Flow & Flex (Hatha Yoga) - Hatha Yoga combines postures (asanas) with conscious breathing (Pranayama) while developing flexibility, balance, endurance, strength and mental clarity. Students can expect to develop body awareness and explore alignment of bones and joints to the varied postures while using blocks and a strap.

Peace of mind - This class is designed for those who need to deeply relax and restore both body and mind. Laying down in a comfortable position (mat, bed, or couch), participants will be guided through s a series of meditations and visualizations. Meditation and breathing techniques aim at release + letting go.

Groups from 3 up to 7 people - 10€ per person. All services are subject to availability. Advance reservation is required.
Price for personal session - 40€ per person. Groups from 2 up to 6 people - 60€ per group.


Nilesh Sawant teaching combines Pranayama, Hatha yoga and meditations together with modern research-based practices to bring students into the joy of the present moment. He also helps clients overcome physical difficulties using yoga therapy techniques.

Nilesh has studied with a wide range of teachers, taking favorite insights and practices from the Navalmal Firodia Yoga Institute, Tilak Maharastra University and Rural Naturopathy Organization where he studied naturopathy.

Nilesh is passionate about finding the balance between being and doing, movement and stillness, strength and fluidity, discipline and freedom.

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