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Available tests at The V SPA & Wellness center


PNOE - the most personalized fitness programming based on individualized metabolic data minus the hassle of building them. The gold standard in nutrition and workout development is now available at The V SPA & Wellness center.

Our body depends on oxygen to create energy and so our ability to workout relies on 3 systems: Our heart, lungs and muscles.

Understanding what’s blocking O2 delivery allows us to pinpoint the limiting factor in physical performance. Cardio-metabolic analysis offers the only tool able to do that.

Brain & Posture Assessment based on your breath
Breathing is one of the most powerful influencers of your ability to think and stand effectively. Incorrect breathing AKA hyperventilation Chronic hyperventilation, the state where one is breathing too fast and too shallow (i.e. against his metabolic requirements), affects nearly 12% of individuals. During stressful situations just 60 seconds of hyperventilation can reduce oxygen flow to the brain and hamper our ability to think and react fast. Also, hyperventilation compromises posture and can lead to myoskeletal problems like lower back pain. The PNOĒ test can help you track and manage hyperventilation.

PRICE: 60€


How can you fight it if you can’t measure it?
When you get on a scale, what do you see? Typically, you see a number. A number that does not give you a complete picture of who you are or what you are made of.

seca mBCA – bringing medical values to medical wellness

Muscle mass 97% accuracy compared to a full-body MRI
Fat mass 98% accuracy compared to the 4C Model
Total body water 98% accuracy compared to the D2O dilution method

Body Composition Analysis at The V SPA & Wellness center gives you a complete picture of what you are made of. Using our state-of-the-art seca mBCA (Medical Body Composition Analyzer), tested at 98% accuracy, we will:
- Measure your fat mass and your fat-free mass
- Identify how much body fat is on your body and what your body fat percentage is
- Shows you how much skeletal muscle mass (the muscles that move your skeleton) is on your body and how it is distributed segmentally (how much is in each arm, leg and your torso)
- Measure the amount of visceral fat (the “bad” fat around the organs in your abdominal cavity) is in your body
- Tells you how much Total Body Water, Intracellular and Extracellular Water is in your body
- Measures the quality and quantity of somatic cells in your body, giving you an indication of your nutritional condition and the state of your health
- Shows you what your Resting Energy Expenditure is to help you reach your weight and health goal

PRICE: 25€


Derma-test is a non-invasive diagnostic of facial skin condition.
It shall assess:
- Skin porosity, elasticity,
- Damage,
- Risk of acne,
- Pigmentation,
- Hydration status,
- Diagnosis of melanin deposits and of the skin blood flow,
- Degree of UV damage.

PRICE: 30€

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