Recreation areas


30 mins - 25€
45 mins - 55€

Floatation therapy is also known as sensory deprivation - is simply the act of floating to aid relaxation - with all sights and sounds removed, allowing you to drift into a meditative state that rejuvenates the mind and body.


30 mins - 7€

The Himalayan salt room, saturated with natural Himalayan salt essence, helps create a reciprocal connection between thoughts and emotions. While activating the body's energy flow, it achieves a body-and-mind balance. The session provides a calming effect and reduces tension.


30 mins - 7€

Thanks to the help of natural essential oils, a person's emotional state, health, and overall well-being can be a vital step for improvement. By inhaling aromatic substances, they affect our bodies, emotions, mind. Thoughtful selection of seasonally unique and authentic aromatherapy scents, designed to provide you with a positive effect on health and thoughts, infuse the air with a light and pleasant 'stress-relievers' mist.