The V Golf Club memberships

Launched in 2009, The V Golf Club has emerged as a highly sociable and well supported Members Club. The quality of the facilities have attracted like-minded members from throughout the business and professional world.
The V Golf Club offers all members, whatever their playing ability, the opportunity to experience good competition in an excellent setting. Both on and off the course, members enjoy strong camaraderie and superb hospitality.
As an Equal Rights Club, The V Club welcomes individual applications to membership from ladies and gentlemen. Corporate memberships are available for up to 4 nominees.
Members of The V Golf Club enjoy a host of golf and other sporting activities as well as privileges in the facilities of the Vilnius Grand Resort.

More information and reservation:

+370 52739 788

Golf membership prices for 2019

For those, who didn’t have the chance to re-new their membership or join the club. Don’t miss a chance and contact us!


This is The V Golf club’s classic membership. If you are planning to play at least once a week then this is the ideal option for you.

Member’s benefits:

Price: existing members 925 €, new members 995 €


If you would like to play your favorite sport without losing the opportunity to spend a weekend with your family and friends or if you are looking for a second membership, then this option is ideal.

Price: existing members 650 €, new members 695 €

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (2 adults + 2 kids )

This option is great opportunity to involve the entire family in the game of golf, have outdoor fun and compete at the same time! The membership includes 2 adults and 2 kids up to 12 y.o.

Price: existing members 1550 €, new members 1595 €

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP (2 fixed+2 floating)

Countless business deals were made on a golf course – playground for successful networking with decision makers. Corporate membership includes four memberships: two fix nominees (Your company employees) and two floating nominees (clients and guests). The Corporate Membership is the ideal way to entertain your business partners.


Member’s benefits:

Price: existing and new members 2995 €

JUNIOR MEMBERSHIP (up to 18 y.o.)

Juniors are going to be the next generation of golfers in Lithuania and will greatly support the growth of the game. With a direct shuttle from downtown Vilnius five times a day this should be the best option for juniors (up to 18 y.o.).

Member’s benefits:

Price: existing and new members 350 €


If you want to improve you swing to the next level and practice at least once a week this is the best option for you.

Member’s benefits

Price: existing and new members 235 €

ENTRY LEVEL GOLFER “Get into Golf” membership

Playing golf can bring you some impressive health and wellbeing benefits as well as new business partners and clients. This option is suitable for those who want to learn to play golf and get all its benefits in a short time.

Member’s benefits

Price: new members 399 €

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